Passing On The Legacy

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Passing On The Legacy

Kingdom Life Network (KLN) had an amazing Fall Family Festival at LifeGate this weekend. People from eight different nations participated. We observed/participated in the preparation of a goat and two sheep on Friday evening for the feast Saturday noon. Dr. Allan Chambers gave an inspirational presentation on the role of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament as a foreshadowing of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A talent show capped Friday evening activities.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we experienced a live “Food Channel” as Irvin Peiffer demonstrated bread baking; Ruth Bett demonstrated the making of chapati, Ruth Martin the baking of a cherry pie, Elvin Weaver the making of hand-churned ice cream, and Nketchi Uwaga discussed the preparation of plantains.

The noon meal on Saturday included all the foods just mentioned as well as goat and mutton. I had earlier proclaimed that I did not like goat meat but Bishop Lawrence Chiles declared that he could prepare goat meat that was excellent to the taste. He was true to his word and the roasted goat was truly excellent.

The purpose of this KLN festival was to have a great time of fun and fellowship and to pass on a legacy, including food preparation methods, to the next generation.

On Saturday afternoon we had a presentation by Chinedum Uwaga of Nigeria and P.C. Alexander of India which focused on the legacy which we pass on.

Chinedum quoted a Nigerian proverb: If a son grows up and refuses to discover what killed his father, what killed his father will kill him. He said we need to turn away from the negative in our parents lives and to affirm that which was positive and life giving.

Alex said that we need to pass on the ‘wealth’ of what God has given and taught us to the next generation. He urged us not to leave emotional and spiritual ‘debts’ that our children are required to pay.

Ruth Bett and the worship team from Light House Congregation, where she and her husband Peter pastor, led us in a joyful Kenyan dance to conclude the Festival.


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