Recently I shared the Gospel with a young man who was struggling with unbelief. He said to me, “How can you say that Jesus suffered more than anyone? I’m sure there were people and groups of people who suffered a lot more than Jesus. Jesus was not unique in the degree of his suffering.”

I know there may have been a number of responses I could have given, but I offered up a quick prayer, “Oh Lord, how shall I respond?”

I responded to him with what came to mind, ”God was satisfied and Jesus was satisfied with Jesus suffering.”

The young man responded, ”Oh, now I see; there is a balance between God‘s mercy and his judgment.” And he visibly relaxed and moved toward faith.

This morning I recalled this scripture from Isaiah:

Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be SATISFIED; by his knowledge shall the righteous one, my servant, make many to be accounted righteous, and he shall bear their iniquities. – Isaiah 53:11

I recall my father purchasing a cow from a cow dealer who came to our farm with the cow which he wished to sell. After vigorous back and forth bargaining they would agree on a price.

But my father not only wanted the cow at a good price, he wanted a good relationship with the dealer. So my father would say as he wrote out a check, “Are you satisfied? The dealer would respond, “Yes I’m satisfied.” And my father would respond, “I’m satisfied as well.” And their relationship was reaffirmed into the future.

When God saw the blood spilling from the body of his innocent son, He said, “I’m satisfied! This sacred blood of my holy and innocent son covers the sins of the world.”

And Jesus said, “I am satisfied to have paid such a painful and great price because I see the salvation that comes to many from this sacrifice. I am satisfied with what I had to pay.”

He might then say to me, “Are you satisfied?”

I would respond, “I am more than satisfied; I am overjoyed. I have been given an amazing gift. A debt I could not pay has been covered; I will forever be your love-servant.

And I never want to dishonor the blood by carelessly and willfully going back into the sins which were covered by the blood. Oh Jesus, keep me near the cross.

I want to stay close to the gift. I always want to remember the cross. That is why I take communion daily.

I am so grateful that You, Jesus, were satisfied and that you are looking to me now for a life of grateful obedience.“

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