The Cry of Ishmael

The Cry of Ishmael

And God heaUmsd the cry of Ishmael ( Genesis 21:17) and sent a messenger from heaven. God continues to hear the cry of Ishmael’s descendants and again he is sending help from heaven. Within months after the Ukunda Missions School (UMS) was opened, an attractive mosque was erected on public school property within a short distance from UMS. The money for this structure was undoubtedly provided by people from other countries who wanted to strengthen the daily cries ascending to heaven from Ukunda.

Today, Friday, as I concluded a week of teaching the students of UMS on ‘Developing a Culture of Blessing’, the rains came down in heavy torrents. As I stood at the edge of the makuti (the thatched roofed, open walled structure where classes are held) and observed the heavy rain falling on the spire in the near distance, I knew that God was answering the cries of the sons and daughters of Ishmael and raising an army of men and women here at UMS who are destined to bless the nations with the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are the days of the latter rains.


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