Not By Power, But By My Spirit


Not By Power, But By My Spirit

A great weekend with Nehemiah Chigoji and the Upland Peace Church, Upland, California, which he pastors. The church is multicultural, with Chinese-Indonesian, Hispanic , African and Caucasian. I came on Thursday to have extra time to learn to know the congregation prior to revival meetings Saturday evening, Sunday morning and evening. The theme was “’not by power and not by might but by my Spirit’, says the Lord”. The Lord was faithful to His word as His Spirit healed souls, bodies and relationships.

A high point for the congregation was participating in the joy of a family when the father was released to his family this weekend after facing immanent deportation to Mexico because of something that happened over 20 years ago before he was a Christian. The release occurred because of the very active involvement and prayers of the pastor and the congregation. The 21 year old son in this family said that he had had one foot in the church and one foot in the world. He pleaded with God to free his father who had just been picked up a month ago by immigration agents. The young man promised he would serve the Lord with his whole life if his father were released. He is now joyfully beginning his renewed Christian life.


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