AT least 20 policemen were posted to protect the service. The gathering mob dissipated in face of certain arrest.

The wisdom was to have the dedication service this morning instead of the announced time this evening when the government official will be present. There will be a service this evening but I will not be present.

Beautiful building; Beautiful dedication service; beautiful faith-filled people.

I spoke and led the dedicatory prayer. I sensed Jesus asking the people to “prepare a place for Him”: full of faith, full of love, full of prayer for all peoples and a place where healing is expected.

Dozens requested healing prayer at the end of the service.

This afternoon I will drive five hours to Cochin for my flight back to Dulles early tomorrow morning.

Praise be to God for His mercies which are new every day and for every situation.


In another part of India. Not so peaceful here.

Planning to participate in the dedication of a church. However radical activists appear to be planning to disrupt the service.

Please pray that the Believers and their leaders will be given wisdom and boldness and that God will stretch out His hand and do signs and wonders and miracles.


I do believe something of significance to the conversation on religion in the public square happened in a town in northern India, Sampurna Nagar, on February 4, 2020.

A Christian school, PTL India Christ Academy, hosted a large community gathering for the opening and dedication of a new school building which will provide facilities for up to a thousand primary/secondary students.

Over 1200 people attended the festive celebration marked by speeches, dances and eating together.

Guests included families of students, local dignitaries, and even the principals of several neighboring Hindu schools.

The Christian school administrators ( Sisily Thomas, principal, and PC Alexander,Director of PTL India, the parent organization of Christ Academy) were clear on the Christian Gospel. They did not mute the Gospel’s distinctiveness.

The Hindu, Sikh and Moslem parents were clear and enthusiastic about the high value they placed on the education their children received in this Christian school. They cited the discipline, the values and the commitment of the teachers to the total wellbeing of their children. Many had chosen PTL Christ Academy although it’s physical facilities were significantly inferior to neighboring Hindu schools.

So how do people of such diverse religions live and work together in peace?

It was not always so. Twenty-five years ago there was opposition, even to the point of violence, from the community, including the press, and the police, directed against those opening the Sapurna Nagar PTL Christ Academy.

But through prayer focused against the spiritual powers underlying the opposition and through a consistent loving Christian witness, all sides came to trust one another. The Hindus, Sikhs and Moslems came to see that the Christians had a gift in their love and faith which enriched the lives of non-Christians. And they came to see that their sacred things were respected by the Christians. One of the main opposition leaders, in time, sent his own children to the Christian school.

The Christians, for their part came to see that they best honored those of other faiths when they were clear about the uniqueness of Christ’s call rather than trying to minimize the distinctiveness of the call so they would be accepted. They also came to see that peace comes at the cost of laying down one’s life in sacrificial service to the community and in persevering through prayers of faith.

As I helped dedicate the cornerstone of this school, I praised God for what He has done here and I prayed that He would multiply centers of peace on earth among all people on whom His favor rests.


From my hotel window at 5 am

Wow! It has been an intense week so far. Vaughn flew in from Belgium to Harrisburg on Sunday night at 10 pm to spend several weeks working here before going to Paraguay to start the new missionary training school there in March.

I persuaded Vaughn to drive with me at 4 am on Monday to western Pennsylvania where I am an attending Psychiatrist for the week on an inpatient psychiatric unit.

Monday, my 76th birthday, was so busy and I was so exhausted that I barely had time to read all of your Facebook birthday greetings.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was rested; but it was also an intense 9 hour day at work. In the evening Vaughn and I prayed around the world and I sank into bed exhausted.

Woke up this morning in my hotel room at 4 am. Initially I felt heavy with all my prayer concerns. I also had a sore throat. I uttered a quick prayer, “Oh, Lord heal me so I am free of cold symptoms for my trip to India on Friday.”

I began my prayer time this morning with thanksgiving. (The Bible does say that we enter His presence by giving Him thanks.)
I admit I had to force myself to push against some anxiety and worry and concerns. But as I purposefully gave Him thanks, I suddenly was aware that the burdens had lifted and that I had joy in my heart, The issues which had been burdening me down a minute before were “uploaded” onto Him. And I had the joyful assurance that all was well and that He would take care of resolving each issue that was quite beyond my control.

Then I had the amazing sense that the miracle of my burdens being lifted in prayer was not just in response to my prayers. The miracle happened because of all of you.

God heard the birthday prayers and blessings and prophetic proclamations which you poured out over me on Monday. He responded with a renewed outpouring of His grace upon my life.

I am strengthened and encouraged and loved for the living of 2020.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Please keep on blessing people. Your prayers are powerful and effective!

Grandpa 50


I sat beside my Christian brother in church this morning as we celebrated the sanctity of life in our prayers and proclamations. Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the brother beside me.

You see this brother beside me was not always my brother. Several years ago he was an opiate addict, near death from his addiction. I had heard about him and made a mental judgment, “I don’t think that man will ever change. I know there is nothing I can do that will change him and I’m not sure even God can change him.”

But I did get involved with him and God did change him and today he is my Christian brother, free from his addiction.

What the Spirit said to me this morning as we worshipped was “And you almost ABORTED him; you almost said, ‘He is not salvageable; and you almost cut him off from your efforts and your prayers.’”

How many people have I aborted by failing to pray for them and by failing to listen for the Holy Spirit’s strategies for setting them free.

On this sanctity of life Sunday I repent for withdrawing from impossible situations because I don’t have what it takes to bring life. And I repent for my lack of faith to believe that God can do immeasurably more than I can do or even ask or imagine.

But wait a minute, is that not the attitude of the young woman who aborts her child, because somehow she does not have what it takes to bring that unborn child to term?

Lord, forgive us all for the ‘spirit of abortion’ which retreats from life because we don’t have what it takes and because we lack the faith to believe that God has what it takes.

Praise be to God who gives grace to the humble and whose strength is made perfect in our weakness!

Grandpa 49


Monday night Ruth and I joined with our Ethiopian Orthodox friends in Washington D.C. to celebrate Christmas (January 7th in the Julian calendar). The service began at 6 PM Christmas eve and lasted until 3 AM on Tuesday morning the 7th. We did not understand the Amharic language but we understood the joy and devotion of these 2,000 to 3,000 people, old and young, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, who spent the night in worship ceremonies that have been relatively unchanged over the past 1500 years.

Each person was dressed in a white shawl (Netela), covering the heads for the women and draping the shoulders for the men. Men and women sat separately, men on the left and women on the right facing the altar. Everyone was given a rope candle and at one point In the service, the crowd moved in joyful procession around the sanctuary. A choir sang and danced. Priests and deacons led in chanted prayers and hymns and recitation of scripture and in processions. The priests filled the air with incense.

To the initiated, every movement and expression had great significance. At one point I was given a long rod. Was it a prayer rod? Or did they think I was old and needed something to lean on during the long hours of standing?

I strove to understand but as the time wore on, I realized that in spite of being in the company of worshippers for the better part of a night, “I was seeing but not perceiving; I was hearing but not understanding. “

Then I recalled the experience of Philip (Acts 8:26-40) in which an Ethiopian leader asked Philip to explain the Scripture to him.

In a reversal of this passage I found myself going to Ethiopians and saying, “How shall I understand unless someone explains it to me?”


It has been a joy working with my son Vaughn and the Overcomers Mission School (OMS) team. On the upper right is Katana Baya director of the Ukunda Missions School. On the bottom right is Ken Ngoje, director of the Tanga Missions School. On the bottom left is Cynthia Gomez, director of Alma Missions School. On the center right is Eloise Gwinn founder of the Alma Missions School. On the center left is Angel Shiku, faculty member at Ukunda Missions School. On the left in the top left picture is Joe Spence, Director of development for OMS.

Grandpa 47


Yesterday I said a “for now” goodbye to a dear friend of 40 years. As I listened to friends and family reflect on the life of Richard Showalter at his funeral at Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship Church, Mechanicsburg Ohio, I understood anew how Jesus had walked among us in the person of Richard Showalter.

Richard knew three things:
1. He knew he was loved by the Heavenly Father
2. He knew he had daily communion with the Lord Jesus
3. He knew he could continually depend on the Holy Spirit to guide him

Because Richard knew he was loved by the Father he didn’t have to seek affirmation or approval from any person. He did not position himself for praise and affirmation. He did not try to impress you with what he had done, was doing or was about to do. (He could’ve drawn attention to all he had accomplished. He graduated from some of the best schools in the country; he was acclaimed for his speaking and writing and leadership in colleges and missions; he was an effective church planter and effective in leadership development and in the promotions of missions all over the world.)

No, he did not draw attention to these things. He always pointed to Jesus. He moved humbly and freely, because he wasn’t trying to use others for his purposes. He already had all he needed in the love of the Father.

Because Richard had daily communion with Jesus, as friend talking with friend, he could be present to his fellow humans. He could weep on the backseat of his car with his own weeping 13-year-old son who wanted to return to the States, rather than stay in Turkey. He could minister to prisoners and to the homeless, to church and business executives. And all were enriched by his presence because he had received something from Jesus each day that simply flowed through him to all those with whom he connected.

And because he had met with Jesus he could bring life into diverse settings. He could articulate a position very clearly and strongly and yet honor those who sharply disagreed with him. He could serve an institution and bring new life. He could honor institutional norms without being defined by them.

Although he served the world and brought Jesus to the world, he always had a home base, a specific faith community, from which he moved. That home base was his family, his local church and the network of churches with which his fathers before him had been associated. He honored his family and community even in his death. The 31-year-old pastor of his home church was in charge of the funeral service and gave a meditation. A former pastor also gave a meditation. The hymns which the congregation sang at the funeral were ones that his parents and likely his grandparents would have sung, “I Owe the Lord a Morning Song”, “Great Is thy Faithfulness” and “My Jesus I Love Thee”. The congregation, at some level, knowing that even as they had gathered to honor Richard, were being honored by him even in the selection of the songs, sang joyfully and enthusiastically through their tears.

Because Richard knew and trusted the Holy Spirit he was always at peace . My wife and I visited with Richard and Jewel shortly after he received his cancer diagnosis. They both testified to the peace which the Holy Spirit had given them in the face of immanent death. Someone asked Richard if he were ready to die. He said, “Yes, I’m ready to die now, today; but I have been ready to die at any time, He would have desired, over the past 30 years ago.”

Because he knew he was loved, because he had daily communion with Jesus and because he trusted totally in the Holy Spirit’s leading, Richard was able to “live until he died.”

For Richard, no matter how complicated life’s demands might seem, each day could be reduced to the simple reality of meeting with and and saying “Yes” to Jesus each day, of trusting implicitly in the Holy Spirit’s guidance and of knowing at the deepest level that he was a beloved son of the Heavenly Father.

Everything else was of lesser importance to Richard.

As I reflected on the life of Richard the words of this song came to me:

Jesus Christ is made to me,
All I need, all I need;
He alone is all my plea,
He is all I need.
Wisdom, righteousness and pow’r,
Holiness forevermore,
My redemption full and sure,
He is all I need.

I pray that all of us will follow Jesus the way that Richard followed Jesus, and discover that Jesus is truly all that we need.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14.

Enos Daniel Martin

Screenshot (140)


Do not live like a fool and refuse to give thanks to God FOR ANYTHING; but rather be wise and give thanks to Him FOR EVERYTHING.

Giving thanks is His will for you and this is what honors Him. (Eph 5:15,20; I Thess 5:18; Ps 50:23). Giving thanks opens the eyes of our understanding.

One of the things we give thanks for is our forefathers. This doesn’t mean that we agree with everything they did or said but we respect them for the role that they played in our lives. If we have an allergic reaction to them and reject everything about them, we run the risk of not doing as well as they did.

The present day emphasis on “decolonizing Thanksgiving” is an allergic reaction to our past which rejects everything our forefathers stood for. It fails to discern what was good and to build upon that and to discern what was evil and to avoid that. It leads to personal and cultural blindness.

God‘s plan was that we should honor and respect our fathers and mothers. He desired each generation to go beyond the previous one in their understanding of the things of God; in their faith and in their ability to express His love to the nations. That is why he sent his Holy Spirit to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. (Malachi 4:6)

So, yes, we honor our Pilgrim forefathers; we honor George Washington; we honor Abraham Lincoln. We give thanks for them and for their faith.

As we give thanks our eyes are opened as to how to avoid their sins and failures and how to build on what they did that was good and right

And as we give thanks, God shows us how to show His love to all people- the indigenous and the colonizers, those in power, those out of power, the oppressed and the oppressors.

As we give thanks our eyes are opened and we see Jesus who gave up His power and privilege and life so that all people could be given life and the privilege and glory of an eternal kingdom.

As we give thanks we see with eager anticipation the wonderful day in which there will be a great multitude before the throne of God in heaven, of all nations and tribes and people and tongues, praising God and giving Him thanks for the Eternal Life we have been given through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rev. 7:9-12)

Thanks be to God. I see it now!


Link to Video

“Heart of America”

I am back in Paraguay, a landlocked country of 7 million, sometimes referred to as the ‘heart of America’.

If Paraguay is the heart of America, one might ask, “What is on the heart of America?”

I praise God that “missions to the nations” is on the heart of many here in Paraguay.

We conducted a pastors conference and then had a two day retreat with board and leaders of the new ALMA missionary training school we plan to open in March 2020.

We now have in place the administrative team for the new school.

Vaughn Martin, the founder of Overcomers Missions Schools gives oversight. Katana Baya of Kenya will give spiritual oversight to the new school and Cynthia Diaz Gomez is the administrator.

We are partnering with Eloise Gwinn, who with her late husband Richard, received the vision for ALMA and developed the 30 acre campus near Escobar as a site to train missionaries for the nations.

Grandpa 43

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