From my hotel window at 5 am

Wow! It has been an intense week so far. Vaughn flew in from Belgium to Harrisburg on Sunday night at 10 pm to spend several weeks working here before going to Paraguay to start the new missionary training school there in March.

I persuaded Vaughn to drive with me at 4 am on Monday to western Pennsylvania where I am an attending Psychiatrist for the week on an inpatient psychiatric unit.

Monday, my 76th birthday, was so busy and I was so exhausted that I barely had time to read all of your Facebook birthday greetings.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was rested; but it was also an intense 9 hour day at work. In the evening Vaughn and I prayed around the world and I sank into bed exhausted.

Woke up this morning in my hotel room at 4 am. Initially I felt heavy with all my prayer concerns. I also had a sore throat. I uttered a quick prayer, “Oh, Lord heal me so I am free of cold symptoms for my trip to India on Friday.”

I began my prayer time this morning with thanksgiving. (The Bible does say that we enter His presence by giving Him thanks.)
I admit I had to force myself to push against some anxiety and worry and concerns. But as I purposefully gave Him thanks, I suddenly was aware that the burdens had lifted and that I had joy in my heart, The issues which had been burdening me down a minute before were “uploaded” onto Him. And I had the joyful assurance that all was well and that He would take care of resolving each issue that was quite beyond my control.

Then I had the amazing sense that the miracle of my burdens being lifted in prayer was not just in response to my prayers. The miracle happened because of all of you.

God heard the birthday prayers and blessings and prophetic proclamations which you poured out over me on Monday. He responded with a renewed outpouring of His grace upon my life.

I am strengthened and encouraged and loved for the living of 2020.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Please keep on blessing people. Your prayers are powerful and effective!

Grandpa 50

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