I sat beside my Christian brother in church this morning as we celebrated the sanctity of life in our prayers and proclamations. Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the brother beside me.

You see this brother beside me was not always my brother. Several years ago he was an opiate addict, near death from his addiction. I had heard about him and made a mental judgment, “I don’t think that man will ever change. I know there is nothing I can do that will change him and I’m not sure even God can change him.”

But I did get involved with him and God did change him and today he is my Christian brother, free from his addiction.

What the Spirit said to me this morning as we worshipped was “And you almost ABORTED him; you almost said, ‘He is not salvageable; and you almost cut him off from your efforts and your prayers.’”

How many people have I aborted by failing to pray for them and by failing to listen for the Holy Spirit’s strategies for setting them free.

On this sanctity of life Sunday I repent for withdrawing from impossible situations because I don’t have what it takes to bring life. And I repent for my lack of faith to believe that God can do immeasurably more than I can do or even ask or imagine.

But wait a minute, is that not the attitude of the young woman who aborts her child, because somehow she does not have what it takes to bring that unborn child to term?

Lord, forgive us all for the ‘spirit of abortion’ which retreats from life because we don’t have what it takes and because we lack the faith to believe that God has what it takes.

Praise be to God who gives grace to the humble and whose strength is made perfect in our weakness!

Grandpa 49

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