Jesus walked with me on the Conewago Trail just as he did the disciples on the road to Emmaus. And as they did not recognize him, neither did I, till later.

On Saturday morning, right before Easter, I was walking/jogging on the Conewago Trail reflecting on all the work I needed to do in Kenya, Paraguay, India and here in the States. I was fighting a sense of being overwhelmed.

As I ended my walk, arriving at my car, a young woman jogger, whom I did not recognize, came up to me.

She stated that as she had earlier passed me on the trail, she had the strong sense from God that she was to give me the paper she was carrying.

She said she had initially resisted the impulse but then came back to find me and to give me the paper. On the paper was her handwritten copy of Deuteronomy 11:10-12, which states that the land God’s people were about to enter is different than Egypt where they had just been. God would have his eye on them and provide for them in this new land.

I felt this was helpful in a general kind away and I thanked her for her courage in giving me the word. We carried on a conversation about what this passage might mean in my life and then parted ways.

The next morning as I was praying in preparation for the Easter service I recalled the experience and thought that I should study the passage more carefully. But I could not recall the reference and I had misplaced the paper. I did recall two or three key words so I googled it and found it immediately.

As I reflected on the passage, the message became clear: in Egypt you worked to irrigate your land but in the Promised Land you will not work to water the land. God will send rain at the right season to make you prosperous. All you need do is stay in relationship with Him so you can hear and obey His voice.

Holy Spirit immediately made me aware of my doubt and unbelief, as He did the disciples on the road to Emmaus. I was thinking I had to work harder or smarter to accomplish all that I needed to do in this season.

But the Spirit showed me it’s not about how hard I work, it’s about hearing His voice and simply doing what He asks. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He wants me to operate from a place of intimacy and rest and not perspiration and burdensome work.

I immediately repented of my doubt and unbelief. And I was overjoyed with the presence of the resurrected Lord. And he did not disappear, but He remained with me!

As I reflected further, I was overwhelmed by God’s grace. He had been walking with me on the trail all along. He knew my anxious and unbelieving thoughts. He longed for me to focus on worshipping Him, not on ruminating on what I could or could not do. He longed for me to celebrate His resurrection life and power. He longed for me to pray in faith, believing.

But I was not focused on the resurrected Lord.

So He engaged a stranger to share a passage of scripture with me. The young woman was faithful in sharing the word, although she had no idea what the significance or impact of the word would be.

The Lord is risen indeed!!! And He appeared to E. Daniel on the Conewago Trail!!!

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Grandpa 38

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