The Front Has Come to Us

I thought the ‘front line’ was here in Kenya. Now I understand that the ‘front line’ is in Elizabethtown, PA , my hometown.
People are planning to protest at a wedding venue in Elizabethtown. My Christian brother, David Abel is standing by his conscience not to host same-sex weddings on his property.

This prompts me to say:

How we do business is a civil rights issue. How and what we celebrate and how we manage our sexuality are faith/religious issues. When the two come into conflict, faith supersedes civil rights for the true believer.

Expect me to love you and serve you regardless of whether I agree with your moral choices and life style.

Expect me to allow you the freedom to choose as you will.

But do not demand that I join you in celebrating behaviors and lifestyles which my faith tells me undermine God’s best plans for his creation.

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