Army of Overcomers

Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Unfortunately the severity of corruption in the country at all levels brings great devastation.

Ukunda Missions School (UMS) desires to raise up an army of overcomers who take the Gospel of the Kingdom to unreached people groups and also to corrupted areas of society.

Faculty and missionaries of Ukunda Mission School (UMS) spent this week together reviewing the curriculum. Each faculty person presented an overview of their respective course and a sample of their teaching.

Much of the curriculum is now in written form in preparation for an accreditation process in the States which will allow students, who desire, to use the training in getting an associates degree.

I found it invaluable to experience the power of each part of the curriculum and to experience how the different parts of the curriculum fit together. It was also a joy to learn to know the very gifted faculty who come from all over the world and who are highly motivated and grateful to be a part of this missionary training school.

It was gratifying to learn how faculty and others with missionary training experience outside of Kenya perceive the Ukunda Missions School (UMS). They perceive UMS to be one of the best missionary training schools in the world. We are humbly grateful for such assessments for we are training missionaries to go into some of the most dangerous places with a clear message that will change lives and ‘turn the world upside down’ but that could also result in their deaths. And we want to know that our missionaries are well prepared for such a calling.

The biblical Stephen is held up as a model to the students. Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, did all that he did with excellence. As a deacon he stabilized a chaotic situation in the Church. He then moved among the people as a powerful evangelist doing signs and wonders and miracles.

He was so effective at advancing Christ’s kingdom that the devil decided to take him out. Stephen was brought before the Jewish nation on false charges. He confronted the nation and was stoned to death. As he was dying he cried out, “I see the heavens open and Jesus standing. ..”

And Jesus was standing to celebrate the victory of this overcomer. Through the open heaven brought about by the testimony of Stephen, thousands upon thousands came to Christ, including Paul, the apostle.

The devil overplayed his hand in the death of Stephen and suffered much damage to his kingdom. The devil much prefers to corrupt the messenger and the message before he takes out the Christians so that their deaths do not bring about an open heaven and great damage to his kingdom.

We pray that we will be found among those who “overcome by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony and by not esteeming their lives unto death” (Revelation 12:11) and who see open heavens with a great advance of the Kingdom.

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