Ukunda Missions School’s 5th Graduation

Sixteen students graduated from Ukunda Mission Ukunda, Ukunda, Kenya on Friday, April 20, 2018. This was the fifth graduation class.

The Ukunda Mission School training program is unique in its culture and focus. It is not a typical Bible School. Rather, this eight month training program, though Biblically based, is focused on learning to hear the voice of God and knowing God through hours of daily worship and prayer beginning at 4:30 am each day. Classes, focused on preparing the student for mission outreach to unreached people groups, are held from 9 am till 4 pm each day. Mission outreaches to the community occur in the evenings and weekends and during special outreach weeks. Every student is expected to become a missionary.

Pastor Gerhard Barnard father of Lukas, one of the graduates, gave the graduation address. Pastor Bernard is a leader in a world/ wide missions movement based in South Africa. His own church of approximately 300 has sent out over 80 missionaries.

Pastor Barnard stated that being a part of the Jesus Movement is simple but not easy. We need to hear what Jesus says to do; we need to do what He says; we need to apply it to our lives and we need to share the message with others.

He added that each student needs to know their own story and be able to tell it and they need to know God’s story and be able to tell it.

He said that as we weep about the brokenness in our society, God will speak to us.

Vaughn Martin, Director and Founder of Ukunda Missions School commissioned the graduates to continue to maintain an altar of prayer and worship at the center of their lives. He assured them that God would meet them with the fire of His presence on the altar and this fire would burn away their fears and empower them with His world-changing love.

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