Ukunda Missions School’s 4th Graduation

Today I felt I was standing on holy ground as I participated in the 4th graduation of the Ukunda Missions School, Ukunda, Kenya. Twenty students from four different countries knelt before God to proclaim their willingnesss to work in ‘God’s harvest field wherever He would lead them’.

These 20 students came from all different walks of life: a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, pastors, businessmen, house servants; some with prior addictions; some with prison time for their faith and some for their crimes. But all now kneeling on level ground before the Lord of the Harvest.

I had spent the last week teaching and listening to these beautiful students. As a result I felt I had some awareness of the heart cry of each one of these newly trained missionaries to the unreached peoples of the world.

All testified that the 7 months at the Ukunda Mission School (UMS) were more transformative than any educational experience they had ever had.

One student, already possessing a college degree said, “This training took me to a new level.” Another said, “I knew about God, but this training took my understanding from my head to my heart.” Still another said, I will never be the same again; and I never want to go back to the way I was.”

It is sobering to participate in the shaping of others’ lives, knowing that they are being shaped to lay down their lives to take the Gospel into some of the most dangerous places in the world.

Will some of them or will I pay the ultimate sacrifice of martyrdom for His name? As I stand on this holy ground with these new graduates, I know that God’s grace is amazing and that He gives grace to live and also the grace to die. Blessed be His name.

Grandpa 2

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