Thoughts on this 73rd Birthday

I really am a slow learner. It has taken me 73 years, to be exact, to learn that I am who I am, not because of some accomplishment or possession but because of the awareness that I am loved. Each smile, each word of encouragement, each prayer, each investment of interest and support have made me who I am. And each of these expressions of love and affection are the precious jewelry which adorns my spirit.

Years ago I heard a professor of mine say that the most important thing for a person’s growth and development is the memory of having been loved. I have often made it a point to ask people, “Who was it that really loved you?” Usually there is the memory which sustains them of someone somewhere who really cared. And this memory helps them survive some of the darkest and most painful periods of life.

It means a lot to me today that all of you expressed your care of me in your birthday wishes. Thank you. I treasure the memory and friendship of each one of you.

Jesus said, I want you to love each other the way I have loved you. And the way He loved us was sacrificially laying down his life in our behalf.

His love for me and your love for me inspire me to continue to pass on what I have received in continuing to invest my life in loving, blessing and favoring others.

So thank you for inspiring me today. Your love is a gift which keeps on giving.

Grandpa 1

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