Healing for the World

Tonight is the night! Tonight we have a Healing and Evangelistic Service at Grace Chapel, 2535 Colebrook Road, Elizabethtown, PA at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome. Just come expecting a miracle.

But why is this meeting so special? The entire Kingdom Life Network (KLN) Impact 2015 Conference since the opening service on Wednesday evening has been special. The Conference was true to its theme: Kingdom Ethics in an Unethical World: Baptize Us with Fire.

And the Fire of His presence has come. Bishop Lawrence Chiles gave a powerful word on Wednesday evening on the importance of knowing Christ. And Thursday morning, 87-year old Don Jacobs, world teacher on leadership development and now continuing to focus on leaving a written legacy, gave a foundational teaching on the Kingdom of God. Young men and young women spoke. A pastor and a lawyer spoke on how the church should position herself in this new legal and social situation. And last evening Bishop Joseph Kamau from Kenya, whom God has used to powerfully impact me and my family, spoke a life-giving word on preparing ourselves for a breakthrough change of seasons. And the worship each session transported us into the presence of God.

And today is going to be special as Alejandro Colindres and Team conduct a retreat day of foundational Christian teaching followed by Spirit- empowered ministry. We expect to see people healed today, saved today, delivered from all types of bondages and filled with the Holy Spirit today. All because the Resurrected Jesus is walking among us. Of course, anyone is welcome to today’s sessions which begin at 9 am and continue till 5 pm.

But why am I so singularly focused on tonight?

Tonight is for the community; it is for the world. It is for unbelievers and pre-believers and not just for believers.

You remember when Jesus walked the roads of Judea, He was focused on bringing the gospel to the nations. He became very angry in Jerusalem one day when he saw how the money changers had taken over the “court of the Gentiles” and turned it into a place for changing money. This court was one place where Gentiles could draw near to God. And now God’s people had actually excluded the Gentiles from this one place where they could draw near to God.

And Jesus was angry that His people had made it difficult for the people who had not known God to draw near and to come to know Him. (This was a point made by Don Jacobs in his lecture on the Kingdom of God).

Now I know why this anticipation for tonight is so strong within me. Meetings to encourage Christians are necessary and important and wonderful. But the Gospel is for the world, and God is always calling “Who will go for us? Who will be one of my harvesters? Who will clear their agenda so the Court of the Gentiles is once again a place where those who have not heard can hear and be impacted by the glorious Gospel of the Kingdom?”

So tonight the Gospel goes forth, not just to the church, but to the world. Tonight the Court of the Gentiles is cleared so that all may come into the presence of God!

May the the church meeting house at Grace Chapel become filled with ‘Gentiles’ tonight. May tonight be the night when those who have not known God, enter into their destiny as sons and daughters of the King, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Come to think of it. I also have been a Gentile. So tonight, I too will draw near!


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