Deeper Intimacy


Yesterday morning in my prayer walk at dawn I found myself on the banks of the Conewago Creek. It was a beautiful setting: birds were singing lustily, wild geese were finding breakfast in the surrounding fields, a bull frog was occasionally reminding me of his hidden but watchful presence. All this, as the fog was slowly lifting. I suddenly found myself with a strong desire to be down by the creek side instead of observing the creek from an elevated bank. But the brush covered bank appeared unstable and I finally convinced myself that observing the stream from the bank was almost the same as actually being down by the stream.

As I turned to walk away from the bank, still in prayer, I suddenly tripped and fell. As I was falling I had the thought, “I am going to end up head first in this stream.” But instead of that I landed firmly on my knees. As I rested there for a moment I saw that there was a direct and stable way to descend the bank to the creek side. So I quickly made my way to the stream’s edge. As I touched the edge of the water with my sneakered foot the urge to be in the stream returned and I stepped into the middle of the stream.

As I stood in the stream I sensed God saying several things to me:

1.” I do not want you to be satisfied to just observe what I am doing, I want you to be in the center of the river that proceeds from the throne of God. I want you to move into a deeper intimacy with me. (Observing the move of God is not the same as participating in the move of God.)

  1. The path to deeper intimacy is best discovered on your knees in prayer.
  2. I so much want a deeper relationship with you, that I am willing to bring you to your knees so you can find the way.”

As I finally left the center of the stream I was filled with joy at the word that the Lord had given me. I looked forward with anticipation to the Kingdom Life Network Conference to begin in the evening at Grace Chapel with guests from all over the world. I knew in my spirit that God wanted to lead all of us in the conference to a deeper place with Himself and that that journey would start from a place of humility on our knees.

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