Funeral of David Showalter

david-showalterToday Ruth and I had the privilege of attending the funeral service in Plain City, Ohio, for David Showalter, age 96, the father of six sons and a daughter. ( A second daughter died in childhood as a result of an accident.) We have been close friends of a number of the family members.

All six sons are ordained ministers as is the son-in-law. All have been very effective and productive in their respective churches and communities.

As I reflected on this family it occurred to me that it was as though David and his wife Rhoda received God’s invitation to by faith raise up a nation for His glory.

The Showalter nation is known for its godly character, its clarity of identity and its world-changing impact. The Showalter nation has enriched the nations of the world by humbly laying aside its glory so that others might become rich

Praise be to God for the amazing legacy of this humble servant of God, David Showalter and his praying wife Rhoda who preceded him in death by four years.

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