Fishers of Men

fishers-of-menI feel as though I have been traveling in the biblical book of Acts this week with a flow of reports of signs, wonders and miracles. I have been talking with persons, many of whom a year and a half ago were unclear about their direction in life. During their training at Ukunda Missions School (UMS) they received input from teachers from all over the world and they received practical training in evangelism during which they saw hundreds come to the Lord through their efforts. Following the seven month training at UMS they were energized and anointed by the Holy Spirit to go to the nations of the world with the Gospel.

Ten of these first year graduates are now missionaries working from four bases established along the eastern coast of Kenya. The missionaries pray over the town, connect with the town elders and then systematically make door to door visits. They then establish house fellowships for Discovery Based Bible Study. There has been an abundant response to their efforts.

The missionaries gave reports of supernatural healing. One missionary was pondering how he could communicate with a man he just met. He noted that the man was blind and needed to be led everywhere. The missionary sensed that God wanted to heal this man. He asked the man and his family if he could pray for him, assuring them that God could heal him. I will pray in Jesus name.”

They said,“No problem, just pray.”

The missionary prayed, “Oh Lord in Jesus name, I speak healing. He is blind but I know you will heal him in Jesus name.” Although the blind man was not immediately healed, the missionary left with joy and confidence that the Lord would answer his prayer.

The next day the missionary was located by the man’s brother who informed him that his brother could now see and could move around the house to take care of his daily business without being led, for the first time in 17 years. Subsequent to this, the man who had been blind and his brother became followers of Jesus.

Another missionary on a house to house visit asked a stranger if she could speak with her. The woman responded that she did not wish to talk about Jesus. The missionary responded, “ Could you give me a minute to tell you what I wish to talk about and then you can decide if you wish to talk further based on what I have said.”

The woman agreed and the missionary shared briefly; however this led to a prolonged conversation which ended with the woman praying to receive Jesus. The missionary then prayed over her and left.

Several days later the missionary learned from a contact on the street that this new Christian was trying to find her to inform her that when she prayed to receive Christ earlier that week she had at the same time been healed of a chronic bleeding disorder of one year’s duration. The missionary had not known of the bleeding disorder at the time of the prayer for salvation.

The missionaries joyfully reported the day by direction by the Holy Spirit and empowerment to do things they had never thought possible. They pray about every step, “Lord show us which houses to visit today; show us what to say…” And God intimately guides those who cast the details of their lives upon Him.

As I spoke with the missionaries I recalled Paul’s words that “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and He has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty…” These missionaries whom I last saw a year ago at their graduation are now mighty in word and deed under the training and guidance of the Holy Spirit. They go everywhere preaching the Gospel.

“We have the favor of God; we are called to posses the Land; we have no fear!”, proclaimed one of the missionaries.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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