Instant Messages

Instant Messages

The KLN Impact Conference sponsored its annual social media contest. A one hundred dollar award ( sponsored by an anonymous donor) for each of two categories was divided among the top participants with $50 being awarded to the first place winner; $25 to the second place; $15 to the third place and $10 to the fourth place winner.

Category I Best Instant Message in response to the following situation:

You are a young person who happened to overhear God’s conversation with Abraham about the impending judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18: 16-33). You have friends in Sodom and Gomorrah who are among the several dozen grandchildren of Lot and his wife. What do you text your friends?

1.“Either get the hell out of Sodom and Gomorrah or leave!” – Marita Scholtz ( The judges discerned that this entry was not meant to be swearing when Hell is seen as something to be removed from the doomed city to save it from destruction.)

  1. Put your pants on and RUN” – Katie H.
  2. “I’ve somethin urgent 2 share wid u. No joke. Ok.I was @ uncl Abrams, n overheard 3 angels talkin wid im. God is goin 2 destroy ur Citi. Seems he’s fed up with all of u guys there. U kno wat? God and uncle struck a deal. 10 righteous ones and He won’t destroy. Do somethin man. Get 10. Repent. It’s serious. Don’t wait. Remember! 10 good ones u r safe. Or else, none can save.” –PC Alexander

4.“Samson, this is top urgent. I was at uncle Abram’s and he had visitors from heaven.They say God is fed up with your city and will destroy it with fire. I heard uncle Abram pleading. If ten godly people there God won’t destroy. Do something man. Quick. Don’t have much time. You guys repent and cry to God. Just ten man. You can save the city. Get going now.” –PC Alexander

  1. “Hey man, I overheard your grandfather’s uncle talking to God. It’s time to go. Turn or burn, bro!”– Brian Harper

Category II Best SnapChat (video message) from the following situation

You are Rahab the harlot. (Joshua 2). (Matthew 1:5) The spies have gone. The city is now tightly shut up because of fear of the Israelites. (Joshua 6:1) You SnapChat one of the spies that you befriended by the name of Salmon. What do you say in your video message to Salmon?

All Jericho is floored

The Jordan please ford

Bring your trumpet and sword

I’ve let down the red Cord

Your Lord is my Lord

– Marita Scholtz

The faith I observed in you during the time in my inn so inspired me that whether God saves me when the city falls or not I know that I am saved and that one day I will see Him face to face. – E. Daniel Martin


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