IMPACT Conference

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IMPACT Conference

The Trinity has been likened to a dance in which the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: 1) Honor one another; 2) Defer to one another; and 3) Commune with one another. (The Devil does not honor, or defer to anyone but rather wants every one to revolve around him.) The Trinity invites us into this eternal dance whereby we honor, defer and commune with the God-head and we honor, defer and commune with one another in the family of God.

I experienced just such a dance this past week, July 23-26, in the Kingdom Life Network (KLN) annual IMPACT Conference at Grace Chapel, Elizabethtown, PA. It felt like a first century church conference. Leaders with giftings from the Holy Spirit ministered powerfully yet they deferred to one another, honored one another and communed with one another.

A brother with an apostolic and healing anointing whom God had used to plant over 75 churches and raise five people from the dead, deferred to a young sister, whom He sensed God was anointing with healing gifts, to pray a healing prayer over a pastor suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Young men and women were teamed with seasoned leaders to bring the word of God to the conference in the plenary sessions. Worship teams brought us all to the feet of Jesus in joyful celebration. Participants from around the globe blessed and honored one another. A Bible college in India, directed by P.C. Alexander, bestowed an honorary doctorate on an elderly brother, Pastor Luke Weaver, who was mightily used of God regionally as well as internationally to open the door for a move of the Holy Spirit that has impacted the nations.

Conference participants were challenged to become ‘Resurrection Cells’ to transform our culture, bringing the salvation of God to people devastated by the terror of these days.

A nominal Syrian Christian living in Staten Island had been dramatically rescued from death by God during Hurricane Sandy. Upon being rescued he immediately began helping others devastated by the storm. He has been used by God to pass out millions of dollars worth of relief supplies as he daily listens for God’s direction and then simply does what God asks him to do. During the conference he stated that he is now sensing that God wants him to plant a church in Staten Island. Pastors from KLN, Doug Lamb and Chinedum Uwaga, who were divinely connected with this Syrian brother, are now committed to walking with him in the church planting process.

A Ugandan missionary to the United States, David Kandole, who was used by God to plant a very successful church in the inner city of Harrisburg, introduced a young man whom he is mentoring , Nashon Walker, who was facing 85 years in jail for crimes he had committed but who met the Lord in prison and is now, several years later, planting a church in Harrisburg and developing a program to disciple and mentor persons in prison and post release from prison.

Conference participants were ministered to individually by a prophetic presbytery composed of ministers from South Africa, Nigeria, South Carolina and PA: Allan and Rose Chambers, Chinedum and Nkechi Uwaga,John Harris, David Hoeflin and Vard Gainor.

Don Hess served the conference by producing a daily report of the conference in a newspaper entitled KLN Kronicles.

During this conference Pastors Dean Landis, Don Lamb and Mel Weaver gave leadership to a youth camp, ages 8-12, called Camp Awake. Sixty youth participated in this camp held on the grounds of Grace Chapel at the same time that the Impact Conference was being held. Approximately 75% of the youth were from non-Christian homes and over half of the campers made commitments to Christ during the week.

Campers were powerfully impacted by the experience and testimony of three of their counselors from the same family who lost their home when a powerful explosion totally obliterated their home during the week as they were ministering to the campers in Camp Awake.

Conference participants were challenged with the word that through Jesus, authority has been given unto us to go into all nations and bring Kingdom Life and by so doing to plunder the strong man’s house, for Satan, the strong man, has been bound, and our ultimate victory is assured.


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