Just under 20 miles from the Ukunda Mission School, disenfranchised and unemployed youth in the Mombassa area are being radicalized by terror organizations who promise them riches and martyrdom for performing acts causing mass destruction in the name of God. After the service at Ukunda Mission School Church this morning we received the sobering news that a Christian Church just 12 miles away had been bombed today. And it was whispered that Ukunda Mission School was also being targeted.

But yesterday- yesterday was the celebration of a different kind of radicalization. Twenty three students graduated from Ukunda Mission School with a diploma in missiology after a training period of six months. A year ago the Ukunda Missions School (UMS) was just a vision in the heart of Vaughn Martin and his team. Over 20 years ago God had directed Vaughn to purchase a two acre plot of land in Ukunda, Kenya to start a school to train Kenyans as missionaries to the nations. Over the past year the plot was developed and in September 2013 classes began under Vaughn’s direction. Faculty from all over the world poured our their lives to equip and train the students in sharing their faith.

Yesterday’s graduation not only celebrated the preparation of these students it also celebrated the reality that they had already proven themselves effective. Over the past several months the students have led hundreds of people to faith in Jesus Christ, many from unreached people groups. Now they are preparing to establish bases all over Kenya to train and disciple the persons who have responded to the Gospel. These students are prepared to share the love of God to the nations, whether it be by their lives or by their deaths.

Hundreds of persons attended the graduation ceremonies. Vaughn powerfully charged the graduates to “walk in humility, walk in boldness and walk in love.”

As I participated in this ceremony I knew that some of these students would gives their lives as martyrs for the Gospel. I also had to face the question, “What if it should include me or my family members or friends?”

But I knew that there can be no turning back.

Then the peace of God came to me as I realized, “Jesus is everything I want! No demon, no terrorist, even death itself, can separate us from the love of Christ. We have everything to win and nothing of eternal value to lose. Blessed be the name of the Lord!”


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