Ukunda Mission School Graduation

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Ukunda Mission School Graduation

Here I am on the shores of the Indian Ocean near Mombassa to participate in the graduation ceremonies for the first class to graduate from the Ukunda Missions School. I am accompanied on this trip by two friends, Elvin Weaver, builder and elder at LifeGate and by Dr. Robert Nichols a colleague who works with me in prison psychiatry. We have just settled in to our beach front accommodations after a tiring but uneventful 20 hour trip from Dulles to Istanbul to Mombassa via Turkish Air (actually a very nice airline).

I am greatly anticipating meeting again with the 23 students whom I met when I was here, near the beginning of their training in October 2013. I hear from Vaughn, the director of the school that the students are bold and very effective. One group of students preached the Gospel to an unreached people group with amazing success even though the evangelism event involved significant danger to the evangelists. Vaughn led the students in a several day period of prayer and fasting for a spirit of boldness to preach the Gospel. By the end of that time the students were almost competing for the opportunity to again take the gospel into hostile areas.

Pray that I will have that same spirit of boldness during this one week trip to participate in the graduation and in various evangelism outreaches.


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