Blessing and Bonding

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Our 14th grandchild and Horeb and Sonya’s 4th child, a son, Israel Jayden Penya. Born October 26.

Mother and son are doing well. We are all rejoicing.

Often circumcision is done in the hospital away from the parents. Horeb and Sonya desired to have the circumcision of our newest grandchild, Israel Jayden Penya, be a “blessing and bonding” ceremony surrounded by the community of faith.

So at 1 pm today we had the circumcision ceremony with family and friends at LifeGate church followed by a meal. It was a deeply meaningful time. Here in this picture the father , Horeb, is bonding with his son following the circumcision.

Dr Valadimer Iakomi a skilled surgeon and family physician, who has a busy practice serving the Amish and Mennonites in the region , came to the church to perform the circumcision. Dr. Iakomi is a long time family friend originally from Moldova. He was assisted in the circumcision by Dr. Laura Viscome and by Horeb, the father


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