Lord, Give Us Heavenly Manna

John Harris and I arrived in Mombassa today. Drove with Vaughn and Mbali through the streets in Mombassa where a riot occurred yesterday. A Moslem cleric was killed and angry young men left the mosque where he was the senior leader and. burned a Salvation Army church about a block away. Today soldiers stood on the corner,machine guns in hand. As we drove through the streets I attempted to discreetly get some photos. But apparently I was not as subtle as I thought, for Vaughn advised me that a young man had made a threatening gesture toward me as he saw me attempting to photograph the area.

I did have a strong sense that we are in not only a natural battleground but in a spiritual war zone.

We were warmly welcomed at the Ukunda Missions School just outside Mombassa. There 23 students are just finishing the first month of a six month residential program in practical evangelism training. The students are highly motivated and unified. Just yesterday they spontaneously conducted an outreach and 15 people made decisions to become disciples of Jesus.

Today Vaughn and his team baptized six persons in the Indian Ocean. One of these had just been delivered from alcoholism. As the baptism was occurring a young man who had been with his friends at the beach came over to the ‘baptismal group’ and gave his heart to the Lord.

As I said,it is a spiritual war zone. Yes the baptism in the Indian Ocean made a pretty picture. But then you realize that as people renounce their former life with its allegiances and now covenant to follow Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, they are stirring the rage of family and friends and of Satan himself. But the God of heaven records their names as sons and daughters and releases signs and wonders and miracles including His divine protection and empowerment.

So I am on my face tonight crying out for His divine intervention. Without Him none of us can make it but with Him we can ‘plunder the Strong Man’s house. ”

So this week I and John will be teaching at the school. I have never felt such a need for ‘heavenly manna’ to share with the troops on the battlefield.

Ukunda Church

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