Dr. David H Burkholder

Dr. David H Burkholder

This is Dr. David H. Burkholder at age 62 when he started his ministry of full time personal evangelism. During his years as a businessman David kept a record of those whom he dealt with who were not Christians. Then over the past 28 years he systematically visited all these friends and acquaintances and invited them to accept Jesus.


The Leopard – Deliberate and Effective


But the leopard is probably my favorite of the cats. Powerful, able to drag a 100 pound kill up into a tree away from rivals; deliberate in waiting for the proper time to strike and effective in execution of its plans.


Exhaustion: The Downfall of the Cheetah


I love the cheetah. Graceful and so fast. Can sprint up to 70 miles an hour. But then is exhausted and can lose its prey to a less speedy but un-exhausted rival


Lion at Rest


It seems there is nothing to fear.


The Lion Meets our Gaze

I and my son in law, Chauncey and grandson, Josiah, toured the Masai Mara in December 2011. We were impressed but the lions were bored.


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