To My Dear Wife, Ruth

Thank you for loving me whole-heartedly and without reservation and without complaint and without harsh critique.

You do not say, “I will go with you if I know where you are going and if I agree with where you are going and if I like where you are going and if you are always nice while we are going. ”

No, your commitment arises from your faith in God. Because of Him you say to me: “I am with you wherever you go; when you know where you are going and why you are going and when you don’t know and you are even lost, I am with you.”

And without words you say to me, “I am with you and for you, even when you get anxious and are not the easiest to be around.”

And again without words you say to me, “I am with you and for you, even when you take me and my love for granted.”

You are like the biblical Ruth, “Where you go, I will go…”.

And yes, you are like Jesus, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

When I think of your love, I am brought to tears of gratitude: “How priceless is your love; how beautiful; how beyond what I could have asked or imagined.”

Your love calms my troubled heart; it reigns in my anxious imaginings.
Your love gives me a grounding from which I can hope again after a disappointment; try again after a failure; attempt new things even in old age.

Truly, in you I have discovered the pearl of great price, and yes, the Proverbs 31, “Virtuous Woman”.

I can hear your protest to some of what I have just said, “I am not the ‘Pearl’, Jesus is the ‘Pearl of great price’. And my trust is made easier because I know your trust is in Christ. “

And yes, you are are right. But what I see now, after these almost 55 years, is that in walking with you, I have been walking with Jesus!”

“The more I seek Him, the more I find you; for you have been hidden in Him.”

Thank you, Ruth!

Thank you, Jesus!!

Your grateful husband,

Enos (E. Daniel)

Grandpa 54

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