Teachers and administrators from the Overcomers Mission Schools, founded by Vaughn Martin, presented to over 150 pastors and leaders in Asuncion,Paraguay on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Vaughn gave the biblical basis for an understanding of the Final Harvest at the end of the age. Katana Baya, Director of the Ukunda Missions School in Kenya, co-led the worship with Daniel Amstutz. Katana pleased the participants with his fluent use of Spanish, which he has studied entirely on his own over the past three years assisted by DuoLingo. John Harris from North Carolina ministered prophetically in the Conference.

Eloise Gwin shared with the conference how she and her husband Richard had followed the call of God to develop a missionary training school called ALMA. They purchased a 30 acre plot and over the past 30 years ago built a beautiful campus with 10 buildings which includes classrooms, a large meeting hall and buildings sufficient to hold over 50 people in residence.

Richard went to be with the Lord six years ago. Now Overcomers Mission Schools is planning with Eloise to start a school on that campus, embracing the same spiritual vision as the Gwins.

I had come to Paraguay, especially to participate in the two days of prayer which preceded the conference. We met for prayer at Escobar, the site of ALMA, the new missionary training school which we are planning to open in 2020. We see the founding of the school as a major spiritual enterprise which requires intensive prayer and intercession at every level of development and planning.

The pastors and leaders conference was designed for us to introduce ourselves and the ALMA school. We also presented our conviction that God is raising up a powerful mission movement to the nations out of Latin America, especially out of Paraguay. England had its time of sending missionaries; Germany had its time; the United States its time and now we sense that God is saying, “It is time for Latin America and especially Paraguay to send missionaries to the nations.”

God moved powerfully in the conference. Participants responded with tears of joy in committing themselves to become a part of this move of God in raising up and sending missionaries out of Paraguay.

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