Tereré and Technology

Tereré is a Paraguayan herbal tea, hot or cold, shared in a group with a common cup and straw (bombilla).

Tereré is a very low-calorie, non-alcoholic beverage which is believed to refresh the body. Additionally, drinking Tereré together is an important ritual signifying trust and communion.

Yesterday Vaughn and I met with a Spanish-speaking pastor, Ruben Pereira, here in Asuncion to discuss our plans to start a missionary training school at Escobar.

Neither Vaughn nor I are yet fluent in Spanish and Pastor Ruben is not yet fluent in English and we did not have an interpreter.

However we had a very satisfactory conversation using an app which allows us to speak directly into the phone and immediately receive the audio translation. We would pass the app back-and-forth much as one would pass back and forth the Tereré.

So sharing the app built on a common cultural

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