Lessons from the Dark

This morning I was sitting in the dark praying, when as I reached for my coffee cup on a nearby stand I bumped the cup causing it to teeter. The thought flashed through my mind, “This cup is about to fall off the stand and break.” I reached through the dark again to steady the cup, only to knock it off the stand to the floor where it shattered.

I quickly collected the pieces trying to minimize the distraction and get everything to the trash in one step. But in my hurry, I dropped the broken pieces, further shattering them.

As I laughed to myself at the incongruity of the whole thing, the Lord spoke three things to my spirit.
1. Do not try to correct things in the dark. Turn on the light of my Spirit and I will show you what needs to be done.
2. Do not insist on cleaning up a mess in one step. Be willing to take several steps to deal with an issue. The Spirit is not exhausted after one step.
3. Do not conclude that unexpected problems are necessarily distractions from my purposes. They may be opportunities I am providing for learning and healing and growth.

Grandpa 29

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