V.I.P’s to God

Ruth and I are flying home tonight from Baja, Mexico. We are leaving a part of our hearts here with new friends we made in San Felipe. We attended a church Sunday which reminded us of our home church at LifeGate. Each of us was given a sticker which said we were V.I. P.’s to God. And then, although we were total strangers, they invited us to a home for a fun time of fellowship and feasting.

Yesterday we drove across the desert into the mountains west of San Felipe. I never knew there were so many varieties of cacti. I was especially taken by the Cardan cactus which can grow 30-60 feet high and weigh 25 tons and live for hundreds of years.

We also hiked into an isolated canyon to a waterfall, feeling slightly courageous in the process. All of this took me back to my boyhood fantasy life where Westerns were my favorite diversion.

In spite of a fairly busy schedule of sightseeing, I had significant time for prayer and reflection. God did speak and we were refreshed.

We are so grateful to Robin and Jeremy Pickens for hosting us and arranging for this wonderful trip.

So tonight we take the red eye flight to Baltimore. We are thankful for this trip and we are thankful for the people and challenges and possibilities we will face tomorrow.

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