Horeb, my son-in-law, and Don Hess and I have been traveling in Paraguay from Asuncion up to Filadelfia and back, over the past week. We have been connecting and listening and laying the foundation for the start of the ALMA missionary training school in February 2019.

It is clear that God is doing amazing things in Paraguay, stirring peoples’ hearts for missions within the denominational churches and outside of denominational churches. We were humbled by the grace and passion and effectiveness of the missions initiatives here.

Yet there is a sense that the harvest is so great that God is engaging unlikely people, such as ourselves, to participate in the harvest, even at this 11th hour.

And the harvesters who are already fully engaged, have been gracious enough to welcome us, encourage us and even speak prophetic words over us. One well-known evangelist here in Paraguay said to us, “ You are coming at just the right time to start an intensive, missionary training program focused on reaching the unreached in the world with the Gospel”.

He added that there are numbers of people in Paraguay feeling the call to go into missions in the most difficult areas of the world. Our program, based on the model God showed us in East Africa, can contribute to the development of a steady stream, if not a flow of missionaries to the world, including to the Middle East.

All this causes me to reflect with gratitude upon Eloise and Richard Gwinn who for 30 years dreamed and planned to start a missionary training school. They built an amazing campus that could give residence for at least 100 students. Richard died six years ago, not having seen the fulfillment of his vision. But Eloise lives at the edge of the campus still believing, still praying that she will yet see the vision fulfilled.

Now she and we together have been joined together in heart to fulfill that vision.

Vaughn Martin, founder and director of the Ukunda mission will spend a month of prayer here Paraguay later this spring in preparation for starting the ALMA mission school based on the foundation laid by Richard and Eloise Gwinn

It takes an army to bring in the harvest. Pray that God will continue to raise up harvesters.

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