Out of Paraguay Shall My Servants be Called to Bless the Nations

We are now on our way home from our prayer trip to Paraguay. We are flying home via Lima, Peru, then San Salvador and then to Dulles by 9:30 pm having left at 5 am.

Vaughn presented the missionary training vision to groups of pastors and church leaders in Ascunsion; in Escobar the site of the proposed school; and in Filidelfia a center of the German Mennonite community. In addition Vaughn received a number of invitations to speak in churches in Ascunsion and in Filidelfia. (Horeb was affirmed as an interpreter).

The favor of the Lord was upon us. We spent time each day worshiping and asking Him for direction, for divine connections and for the discernment to know his strategy in putting together the plan.

God connected us with people in the Spanish community and in the German community, who not only were interested in the vision but who expressed the desire to support the vision and partner with us in its implementation.

There was also a positive response to the message of Vaughn’s new book, ‘Escaping Religion’ (Amazon). We were encouraged to have the book translated into German and Spanish.

We sensed a strong desire both in the Spanish and German communities for a deeper experience of the power and presence of God.

Paraguay has been a nation which has welcomed outsiders such as the German Mennonites in the 1930s. Now we sense that God is preparing His people in Paraguay to take the gospel to the nations. He is preparing to launch a powerful missions movement out of Paraguay.

We are humbled to play a small part in what God is doing in Paraguay. We plan to bring in teams from the States to have revival and renewal meetings over the next year. We believe that the missionary training and sending school will be birthed in a great revival.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

** The picture was taken in a Sunday morning service at a Mennonite Church in Filidelfia. The entire service was in German. There was shouting and clapping in the service but it was by the children’s choir singing in their German mother-tongue, “If you are happy and you know it clap your hands….and say Amen!…” Otherwise the service was sedate and reminded me of Mennonite Sunday services in my boyhood in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Grandpa 12

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