Reflections on Benefits

I find it difficult to “upgrade” even when I have the money, knowing that the financial difference between “good enough” and “great” could help some one to “get by.”

Well, one of my traveling companions insisted that he would pay the difference for me to “upgrade” to an ideal tropical resort hotel with 5 star ratings. ( Actually because tourism is down here, due to threat of terrorism, the cost is only $75 a night and that includes an amazing breakfast and dinner smorgasbord, all on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The “good enough” hotel was $35 per night with complentary breakfast).

As I relax here between board and planning meetings at the Ukunda Mission School I have had time to reflect.

These are some of my reflections:

Every benefit I enjoy here In this resort I have because someone is working so that I might enjoy it. (Dozens of employees keep the grounds immaculate, safe and are ready to respond to every request)

Every spiritual benefit I enjoy here on earth was purchased by the work of Christ on the Cross. Thanks be to God for the great Benefactor who makes life a joy and also for the lesser benefactors who make this retreat a delight.

Grandpa 4

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