New Testament Fellowship Assembly


Positioning himself on his knees in prayer, John Harris prophesied to the gathered New Testament Fellowship Assembly at LifeGate on Friday night, May 20th, “ ‘From this position my Church shall be elevated’ says the Lord.”

Vaughn Martin followed this word with a teaching from Isaiah chapter 6.. Uzziah, king of Judah, became very successful and in his success he arrogantly entered the temple to offer sacrifices and was stricken by God with leprosy. In the year that King Uzziah died, Isaiah found himself in a heavenly temple. He knew that as an unclean man in a holy temple he would suffer the same fate as King Uzziah. He would be killed. However the fire that could have killed him actually cleansed him. The Holy Spirit has been poured out as fire to cleanse us of our fear of man and our love of money. In the book of Acts, Peter, who at the crucifixion had been afraid of the words of a servant girl, was transformed by the fire of God to a boldness that confronted the nation with the gospel of the resurrected Jesus. And the early Christians were so cleansed by the fire of the Holy Spirit from their love of money that they sold everything that they had and gave it to the poor. May this Holy fire of the Holy Spirt baptize and cleanse us.

Alejandro Colendres followed with the word, “ When you look out your window into the world, ‘What do you see?” You see brokenness and despair and bondage and devastation. The next question is “What are you going to do about what you see out your window?” Yes, start in prayer and in allowing the fire of the Holy Spirit to cleanse you, but then ‘Rise Up and Do Something!” You must Do Something! Go into the streets and embrace people with the love and power of God.

In the final part of the service, Alejandro demonstrated his teaching by moving into the congregation with embraces and prayers and strong prophetic words. The Spirit of God came on the assembly as the apostles moved among the believers praying and prophesying under the power of the Holy Spirit. Hearts were mended, bodies were healed and prisoners were set free.

Sonya Pena and the worship team were like the angels crying “Holy is the Lord,” as the fire of God swept though the congregation.

Yes,” the Lord is Good. The Lord is Good and his mercy endures to each generation.” Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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