India (Part 3)


After an 8 hour road trip from Khuttar to Delhi, Marita and I decided to have a friendly father-daughter competition. We will each write an essay describing what it is like traveling in the passenger seat of a vehicle ‘hurtling’ through the jam packed roads of North India.

I am convinced I will win the competition and Marita is convinced she will. Alex will be the judge. In order not to unduly create fear and undermine tourism in ‘Incredible India’ we have decided not to publish the results on Facebook.

Marita did say that the experience driving here has been like a flooding therapy which has intensely exposed her to her fears in a way which, she believes, has forever cured her of backseat involuntary exclamations while her husband is driving. She is anticipating Todd’s surprised response when he experiences her therapeutic recovery as he drives with her on the streets of Baltimore.

If Marita’s recovery proves to be sustained, we may advice others who have spouses afflicted with ‘backseat exclamationitis’ to invest in a road trip in North India.

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