On my way to Ukunda to teach for a week in the Ukunda Mission School.

Spent the night at Amani Gardens Inn, a beautiful oasis in a Nairobi region booming with new construction.

The password for the Wifi was a clue that this Inn used to be known as the Mennonite Guest House. The password was Zurich followed by a date in the fifteen hundreds when the Mennonite Church was born.

I felt connected when Lillian, the gracious Kenyan manager at the front desk, both knew the origins of the password and knew my son Vaughn, founder of Ukunda Mission School and a not infrequent guest at Amani Gardens.

The assistant to the manager had no clue as to the origins of the password. So I proceeded to give him a free lecture in Anabaptist history. And he gave me a free lecture on the meaning of Amani (peace).

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