Alejandro and His Daughter


Alejandro Colindres and his now grown daughter.

I am still reflecting on the power and inspiration of the weekend with Alejandro Colendres and Fraternidad Chrisiana, his network of churches, in their annual Christin Fellowship Conference in Stamford, Connecticut, attended by over 1000.

Alejandro’s ministry here in the States began 30 years ago when he came to the United States from Honduras for 10 months to be with his infant daughter who was suffering from a life-threatening illness and being treated in a hospital in Baltimore.

As he waited for the recovery of his daughter he very naturally shared his faith with every one he met. God arranged special encounters and miracles. People began coming to faith in Christ. The first cell group was held in a McDonald’s.

As people moved on from that location and were scattered they started cell groups; cell groups multiplied and became churches; churches multiplied. Today there are over 50 churches in the eastern USA and internationally.

The focus of this network of churches is training every believer to become a trainer of new believers who become trainers of new believers. This work is seen as a partnership with the Holy Spirit who arranges divine encounters and performs miracles which lead to increased faith and faithfulness.

The theme of the conference was ‘activate’. I was invited to address the conference on Sunday morning on that theme.

I can testify that my faith was ‘activated’ to a new level as a result of being with these people of God.

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