Soul Watchers

soul-watchersThe writer of the book of Hebrews 13:17 says that spiritual leaders “watch out for your souls as those who must give an account”

There are people willing to watch your weight,watch your finances, or watch your educational development but there are not many people willing to watch out for your soul.

So it was a joy today as a bishop in New Testament Fellowship of Churches to ordain six new pastors who will watch out for the souls of the people God puts under their care.

The ordination occurred at a church in Reading called “Feet On The Street.” This church founded by Marv and Beverly Zimmerman has just become a member of the New Testament Fellowship of Churches.

Those ordained were Marv and Beverly Zimmerman, Daryl and Rebecca Zimmerman, current pastors of Feet on the Street, and Matt and Megan Chambers who have just finished a pastorate in Texas and are waiting for God’s direction for a pastorate in this area.

Allan and Rose Chambers, parents of Matt Chambers have served as mentors to the Zimmermans in the development of this church. They also participated in today’s ordination service.

The Feet On The Street Church is comprised of an amazing group of young people from the inner city of Reading, first generation Christians, who are turning their world upside down for Christ.

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