Ukunda Missions Banquet

John and AlejandroAlejandro on the Right and John Harris on the left.

Tonight’s Ukunda Missions Banquet was a sucesss. Approximately 100 persons enjoyed Kenyan food, worshipped and responded with their prayers and financial supprt to the Ukunda Missions Vision. The banquet was unique in that attendees received prayers and ministry from the Ukunda Missions Team.

Elisa Martin , Vaughn and Ilona’s 16 year old daughter, led in worship and performed a number of her own compositions.

Vaughn told how God had directed him at the age of 19 to purchase land near the coast of the Indian Ocean to develop a school to train pastors as missionaries to other African and to Asian countries. Constriction on the first phase of the project is nearing completion. Over 100 persons have applied for this 6 month intensive residential training program. Classes will begin September 9th for 25 select students.

Vaughn then invited his ministry partners to testify, pray and minister to the banquet attendees. Alejandro Colindras had come from New York just to attend the banquet. John Harris came from North Carolina. Both men will be teaching in the Ukunda Missions

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