Stage V Faith for Stage IV Problems

I am praying for a Stage V faith for Stage IV problems.

Two days ago I received a request from a friend from another state as to whether I could go to a nearby town to pray for a retired pastor who was suffering from stage IV cancer. This pastor wanted ‘healing prayer’. I responded that I would go this afternoon to pray for this pastor.

I awoke this morning with the impression that I needed a ‘Stage V’ faith to deal with ‘Stage IV’ problems.

However when I had completed my 8 hours of working in the prison I found that I only had a Stage III faith, not enough to deal with a Stage IV cancer. Therefore, I decided to postpone my visit to the pastor and to strengthen myself in the Lord and to visit the pastor tomorrow.

Shortly after making my decision to delay the visit, I found that I had an email informing me that the pastor ‘had gone to be with The Lord.’

As I now reflect on my day, I realize that many of the problems I dealt with throughout the day were Stage IV in their severity. They had the capacity to destroy life. And without the miracle of God’s intervention, devastation would reign. I praise God that He did give me the faith ( I think it was Stage V level) to deal with one problem after another and to see His hand at work. However, enough problems still remain unresolved that I know tomorrow must also be bathed in prayer lest the problems become fatal. But thanks be to God that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.


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