Do You Know What You Have Received?

“Do you know what you have received?” Vaughn Martin asked the 100 pastors gathered on the shores of the Indian Ocean for a three day conference. “You have cried out to God and you have seen the glory and the power of God. Now, God is raising you up to share His glory with the nations.”

John Harris, a member of Vaughn’s team from North Carolina, prophesied over the pastors, “Blessed is the womb of Kenya. Your are pregnant with the things of God. Thousands will be sent out from Kenya to the nations with the message and glory of God.”

I ( E. Daniel) testified to the pastors that I owe a debt to the Kenyan Church. I was a pastor, a bishop and a psychiatrist but I needed something more. Through my interactions with Kenyan Christians I began to see that ‘the something more’ was the Holy Spirit in my life. Yes, I believed in the Holy Spirit but I did not walk with a sense that ‘without Him I could do nothing but with Him I could do all things’.

I read the scripture Luke 11:13 with new understanding. Jesus says … ‘How much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.’ I came to see that receiving was as simple as asking with confidence that God would be true to what He said.

So, I asked for the gift of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and I received. Now I keep on asking for a daily anointing of His presence. I can say with deep gratitude that ‘the Lord is faithful to his word’.


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