Protection from Ambush

I was thinking about Elisha the Old Testament prophet today (II Kings 6:8-23) while I was husking corn and talking with my daughters. Elisha would report to the king of Israel about where the enemy had planned an ambush for him. Was Elisha eavesdropping on hell or was he hearing from heaven in order to gain accurate information about the plans of the enemy? I do believe he was hearing from God about the dangers that lurked in what had been assumed to be safe places.

I began to ask myself, where might situations we assume are safe have unexpected dangers in which Satan attempts to ambush us. I may have begun this train of thought because my daughters were talking about and pondering the best options for the schooling of their children. One could decide, “I will send my children to the local public school; that will certainly be a safe option. Or another could decide, ” I will send my child to a private, Christian school; that will certainly be a safe option. Still another could decide, ” I will home school my child; that will certainly be a safe option. Yet an ambush could be planted in any of these “safe” places to potentially rob the child of faith.

So how can we proceed in faith and not in fear, yet be wise to the potential dangers even in “safe” places. I believe God does want to warn us of the ambushes of the enemy. We walk in safety and in confidence if we submit even safe decisions to Him for his counsel. “Heavenly Father, what is your will for me in this matter? I want your will to be done on earth even as it is done in heaven.”

So I say to my daughters; ” Listen carefully and respond to His voice and then move with confidence and joy that He will protect you from every ambush of the enemy. But even if you are ambushed, know that ” those who are with us are greater than those who are against us.”

So that is what we talked about as we were doing a 1000 ears of corn today.

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