TransformU Institute: A School of Daniels

Have you dreamed of getting a college degree in spite of passing years and a full life?

Have you dreamed of earning a college degree and having no debt at the end of your training?

Have you imagined a college experience that went beyond acquisition of knowledge to the transformation of your life?

Have you desired a college experience that would connect you to faith and a faith community and not separate you from either of these?

Have you desired a college experience that prepared you for ministry in the market place and connected you with mentors who would remain with you beyond the college experience?

Have you desired  a learning experience that would not only transform you but prepare you to become a ‘climate changer’, a world transformer for the Kingdom of God?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then TransformU Institute may be for you.

TransformU Institute is just now in the process of being developed by a group of persons who are part of the Kingdom Life Network of Christian Ministries (KLN). (KLN is a global fellowship of networks of Christian churches and ministries.)

Lou Goszleth and Kurt Heisey of Destiny Ministries, a network of KLN, and Drs. Allan and Rose Chambers and Dr. E. Daniel Martin ofNew Testament Fellowship,  also of KLN, are the founding board of this new school. Kurt Heisey, an international businessman and pastor from Westfield, PA is the President of the TransformU .  Dr. Allan Chambers is Academic Dean and Dr. Rosemary Chambers is Dean of Students.

TransformU will offer associate degrees, bachelors degrees and graduate degrees. The initial bachelor’s degrees will be in Applied Theology, Intercultural Studies/Missions and Business Administration. A later degree will be in Film and Media Art. A certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language will also be available.

TransformU will offer both residential and correspondence courses.

TransformU is now in the process of applying for accreditation with one of the largest accrediting agencies in the United States.

TransformU is opening for classes in the fall of 2012 at Westfield, PA.  A building is being prepared to provide residence for at least 100 students.  This site is  located in rural Pennsylvania near the New York border about 20 miles west of  U.S. Routes 11-15 in the town of Westfield.

President Kurt Heisey has had many business connections in China over the years. He has also started two schools for English language training in China. Chinese students are very interested in coming to the states for training. TransformU is already offering a course in the Mandarin language for Westfield area businesspersons to prepare them to welcome the Chinese students who come to TransformU.

TransformU  will provide the following:

  • Training and mentoring by seasoned professors who move under  the anointing of the Spirit of God.
  • Training  focused on personal transformation in all areas of life, not just on academic excellence.
  • Training  focused on a “God Encounter.”
  • Training focused on Character, Knowledge and the Power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Affordable college training at $5,000 a semester and $10,000 a year (this is for tuition and room and board).
  • Opportunities to receive training with local businesses so that the student can be trained in the market place while earning money to pay tuition.
  • Opportunities for continuity in mentoring. Mentors will be selected who can offer mentoring relationships beyond the college years.
  • Active participation in a faith community throughout the school years.
  • Four year Bachelor’s degree programs  and two  year Master’s Degree programs.
  • Degrees will initially be given in cooperation with Aidan University.

From President Heisey:

TransformU is based upon the mandate to bring the transforming power of God’s kingdom into every area of our world. More than just a Bible College, our goal is to train all students to exhibit God’s grace and excellence in every sphere of society through “Godly Character, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit’s Power”.  God has placed on our hearts a vision to have students come to TransformU Institute to experience the transforming power of God and be equipped to release it in every sphere of society.

If you want to experience God’s transforming power, so you can be equipped to go forth and transform the world by establishing the kingdom of God wherever you go, then we invite you to come experience the life and culture at TransformU.  We can place in your hands the tools needed to accomplish this.

At TransformU you will learn how to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit in workplace practicums each semester. You will learn to walk in Christian love in work situations, classrooms, and church life.

The world is looking for those who walk in their spiritual gifts, who have a positive attitude because of their contagious faith, and who release the healing power of God’s love through what others call ‘ordinary life situations’.  Upon graduation, we believe our students will be prepared to walk in the grace of God. They will be overcomers in the situations and challenges they face as they go forth to establish the Kingdom of God.

We are taught in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. “  We encourage you to prayerfully seek the Lord to determine how TransformU should be a part of your preparation for fulfilling the destiny of God in your life.

To learn more about TransformU please go to the following website:

-written by E. Daniel Martin

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