2012: The Year of the Syrophoenician Woman

Last year 2011 I termed the ‘Year of the woman who touched Jesus garment.‘  I told that story dozens of times in prison and out.  Each time I came to richer understanding of the story. Recently at the concert for Molly , Nicole Mullins sang a song about that biblical incident. I was told later that the LifeGate people immediately thought of me  because I had told this story so often.  The punch line of that story is: ‘You wanted to be healed from your ‘issue’ but I had a lot more for you than that; therefore I kept looking for you and I call you ‘daughter’ because I want a relationship with you.’
This year I feel led to live with the story from Mark 7: 24-30.  I invite you to join me in reflecting over a period of time on this passage. It deals with our approach to Jesus.  It tells us how to negotiate ‘when we have no rights at all.’  As someone said, this woman immediately understood the gospel.  The Gospel: “I am more wicked than I ever believed but at the same time more loved and accepted than I ever dared to hope.” 

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