Please Meet the New Happy Church Bishop

Reverend Boniface Rungi  was raised in a Catholic family. He was the oldest living child to his father and mother. His father wanted him to become a priest. When the young man was confirmed into the Catholic church he was given the name Boniface, the name of three different Catholic popes throughout history.

When Bonifice was age seven his father took a second wife and in so doing became a polygamist.  He eventually had 20 children between his two wives.  When in his mid teens Bonifice  learned  from  a Christian service conducted at his school that salvation was by belief  in Jesus Christ and not by good works. This awareness and his later anointing by the Holy Spirit set him  on a path to pursue intimacy with Christ and to active involvement in the church. As a committed Christian he was a man of peace and through his life and witness brought peace into his fractured family and led a number in his family to fatih in Jesus Christ. Unlike many who grow up in a polygamist family, he was equally close to his  stepmother’s children as to his own siblings.

As a young man Bonifice was actively involved in itinerant evangelism. He became involved with Happy Chruch as a young man because of the dynamic spiritual life in this growing church. It was there that he met Cathy who was to become his wife. Cathy’s  grandfather was a minister in the African Inland Church. She was very close to him. He was the first one she told about her faith in Jesus Christ and later about her anointing in the Holy Spirit.  She promised to pray for him when he was troubled by her anoining iby the Holy Spirit.  Later in his life after his retirement he was also baptized in the Holy Spirit. Her parents are both now Christians.

Bonifice and Kathy have three chirldren . Dorcan the oldest is training to be an oral surgeion. Steve the second is  just beginning college and plans to specialize in information technology. The  youngest,  Joshua 13, wants to become an engineer.  All the children have an active faithe in Christ and honor their parents as persons who live what they speak.

For approximately twenty years Bonifice worked as a miller. He rose through the company and became  manager of a milling plant worth millions if not billions of dollars. He was being groomed to operate milling companies world-wide. However in his early 30’s he answered God’s call to go into ministry. He and Cathy a school teacher began a church in Eldorett. Cathy continued to taach ; however Bonifice gave up the security of a well paing job and gave himself fully to the pastoring of the church.

The church grew and became a strong influence for righteousness in the Eldorettt. In time he was ordained as the pastor and later his wife Cathy was ordained as a pastor as well. Together they made a very effective team.  Bonifice  as a result of his taining in management was a good decison maker. Cathy dealt especially with the women in the church. She would absorb the emotional aspects of conflicts or problems and then bring the core issute to Bonifice for his decions. This action by Cathy protected him from distractions and increased his effectiveness.

In the course of time bonifice completed a Master’s Degree in biblical Studies.  He very loyally served Bishop Kamau. His favorite bible cahracter is David becasue David wias a common every day man with many problems. Like David Bonifice enjoys  his private time with the Lord above all else. Bonifice’s integrity and gifts were recognized and he was made overseer of nine churches within the Happy Church network and participated in the oversight council for the entire network of churches.

Now at the age of 50 , Bonifice  wants to lead the church to be a model of the family of God for the region impacting the nation with the life that is within the Christ-centered, Spirit-directed community of faith.  One of his most painful challenges has been the devastation brought on by the psot election violence of  two years ago. However he has not allowed himself to be polarized along tribal lines but has lived out the realtiy that he is part of a calling higher than tribal loyalties. In taking such a position he has been respected by all tribes and has played a healing role in the community at large.

Bonifice anticipates taking on the role as bishop in that he sences God’s increased anointing for this role will enable him to serve the larger church even more effectively

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