Happy Church Ordains a New Bishop

On Saturday April 23, 2011, Happy Church Ministries International celebrated the ordination of Reverend Boniface Runji to the office of bishop in Happy Church . Bishop Joseph W. W. Kamau, until this time the only bishop  ordained in Happy Church since the start of the church in 1983,  ordained Reverend Runji as bishop. Approximately 1000 people attended the ordianation celebration at the Potter’s Academy on the outskirts of Eldorett, Kenya. The celebration lasted from 10:30  am till 2;30 pm and was then followed by a reception.

Bishop Kamau stated that although he will continue as presiding bishop he will be joined in the leadership of Happy Church by the newly ordained Bishop Rungi and later in this year of 2011 by two additional bishops. Reverend Evanson Macharia of Thompson Falls will be ordained on September 10th and Reverend James Karanga of Molo will be ordained on December 17, 2011.

Bishop Kamau emphasized that all three of these pastors have been functioning  in many ways as bishops in their roles as overseers of the five regions of churches within Happy Church.  This bishop ordination was to confirm what they have already been doing.  Bishop Kamau added that the ordination service is a time of divine empowerment in that as hands are laid on the bishop designate the Lord honors the faith and obedience of the church and releases on the candidate increased spiritual anointing for the new responsibilities  as bishop.

Ordiantion as bishop  is not  a promotion  so much as a spiritual empowerment for the increased responsibilites as servant of the entire church. As Jesus said ‘he who would be greatest should be the greatest servant’, said Bishop Kamau.

The ordination service itself was an experience of beauty and joy.  The meeting was in a large field where five large tends circled around a central square in he middle of which was a raised platform with an awning to protect from the sun.  The bishop designate drove slowly onto the gorunds in his car. A large group of women proceeded him in a joyful procession of singing and dancing.

The program began with multiple groups singing and dancing. Visiting pastors and college adminiatrators and professors of Bonifice were introduced.  Bishop E. Daniel Martin, secretary of Kingdom Life Network and long time friend of the Kamau’s and of the Happy Chruch, brought the message.

Bishop Martin of Elizabethtown, PA, stated thea gospel is a  mystery to be revealed in how the church  community lives out its faith. The church is the household of God and is the piller and foundation of the truth.  It is clear from scripture that the bishop is a shepherd of God’s people. Shepherds need to have a heart of the sheep; be present to the sheep , watch over the sheep and act to proctect and care fot the sheep.

Following the sermon, the bishop candidate were brought to the platform by Reverend Macharia and presented to Bishop Kamau. Bishop Kamau then insructed Bonifice on the role of bishop and Bonifice then stated his public vows to be faithful to God in the conduct of this office.. Following this Bonifice and Cathy were clothed in robes. Then a towel was placed around their necks to keep the oil off their robes. Bishop poured copious amounts of oil from a cow horn down over Bonifice as he ordained him to the office of bishop. The oil ran dow over his face and dripped onto the cushion upon which he as kneeling. Bishop Kamau likewise anointed Cathy for the increased responsibilites she will face as wife of the bishop.  Bishop Kamau stated taht the flow of anointing oil is inviting the oil of Gold’s blessing and eempowerment to flow ounto boniface’s life and the Holy Spirit to abundantly fill the life; it is like the oil taht flowed down over AAron’s bear.

Following the anointing with oil several pastors were asked to lay on hands and pray. Then a bishop’s hat was placed on Boniface’s head and he gave a brief expression of gratitued to the persons attendign the service. The hat completes the uniform and isonly worn at the time of ordination.Following this attendees were invited to greet the new bishop. As each one greeted him and his wife thay gave him gifts. Following this a cake was cut and distributed to all the participanta.  The crowd then began to socialize and to rejoice in the blessings of the Lord.  This part of the service was finished by approximately 2:30. Then the new bishops and other chruch leaders were honored with a reception in the dining hall.

The ordiaation was attended not only by Happy Church leaders and members but also by Bonifice and Cathy’s families as well as a significant number of community pastors and other coummunity leaders. It was clear that Bonifice is well known and highly appreciate not only in the church communty but in the community at large.


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